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What is safe for me to consume if I am allergic to peanuts?

You can safely consume, all of our dried fruits and seeds, they don't contain any peanuts. The peanut allergy is specific to peanuts only, and we don't sell or use peanuts so you can safely eat all of our nuts (almonds, sea almonds, trail mix, brazil nuts, pistachios, pecan nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia, pine nuts and cashew nuts). However, there is a risk of crossed allergy, so consult your allergologist if you have any doubts about what you should eat.




Monsieur Luxe is always willing to answer all your questions about our products and services.

What is safe for me to consume if I am lactose intolerant?

Only our Milk Chocolate 38% and our Cappuccino CoCo chips are made with some milk. If you are lactose intolerant, you should avoid its consumption. But feel free and safe to discover our Dark Chocolate, it is lactose-free. And when it comes to the nuts, seeds, grains, and dried fruits, none of them contains dairies or milk. You can therefore consume all of them without any problem. 

What is safe for me to consume if I am gluten intolerant?

Only one product contains wheat starch: Wasabi Cashew (gluten). Otherwise, you can safely consume all our other products, they are completely and naturally gluten-free. For information, the gluten is a protein provided by wheat, oat, rye, barley and derivated and we don't use those products. However, our packaging company works with an other firm using gluten products. So we can not guarantee there has been no contamination. 

How to preserve  the quality of your products?

To preserve the nuts, the best thing to do is to eat them during the month and to conserve them not too long because the first enemy of vitamins is time. Also, try to keep them away from heat, light and moisture: the best place to conserve them is to put them in a closet in an hermetic Tupperware. Don't put them in the fridge. As for the dried fruits, you can put them in the freezer or in an hermetic box in a closet. Don't put them in the fridge either.

Nuts are caloric, is it dangerous for my silhouette?

No, with a reasonable daily consumption (from 20g to 60g a day), there is no risk to change your weight. Or actually, yes, there is! In fact, nuts can help you lose slowly water and fat, because they contain very good fatty acids and fibers which help maintain a good health and digestion.

Dried fruits are sweet, is there any problem with that?

It is mainly natural sugar from the fruit, not added sugar, so like the fat in nuts, you can consume every day a little portion of dried fruits without any problem. Don’t forget to brush your teeth as usual to avoid toothache.

How many nuts can I eat every day to have a balanced diet?

It depends on your physical activity and your appetite but it has been proved that an average intake of 20g until 60g a day is excellent for the health. The best is to grab a pinch of nuts every day and also vary the different kind of nuts to get all of the benefits of each and make the pleasure last. 

What snack should I eat before I go training?

Whether you do bodybuilding, fitness, crossfit, or cardio, you need to get some energy before your session and preserve your muscular mass. So 1 hour before, you can mix and eat some dried fruits with some nuts. And don't forget to drink a lot of water. Here are some examples of healthy snacks for training:

For workout: 1 dried mango + 10 pistachios nuts.

For fitness: 1 pineapple + 10 almonds.

For endurance/ cardio: 3 dried apricots + 10 cashew nuts.

Are treenuts and dried fruits recommended for children?

Of course, it can help manage their hunger and also provide them a lot of nutrients which are good for growth. It is perfect before physical activity, or for an afternoon snack. Give some good habits to your child, and he/she will become a future healthy grown-up. Furthermore, almonds and brazil nuts contain more calcium than milk, so do not hesitate to give them. However, be careful and don't give any nuts to children before 3 years old, they could swallow it without chewing! 

If I am pregnant, what products are safe for me to consume?

You can safely consume all of our nuts, they contain good nutrients for you and your baby, and they also help to reduce snacking and blood sugar. We advise you not to use more than 20g of dried fruits per day. If you have any doubt, consult your doctor. With dried fruits, be careful they replace fresh fruit or any other sugar consumption, but don't be afraid of them. They are sweets but don’t forget that only the excess of sugar is bad for you, not a reasonable intake!

Can we conciliate diabetes and dried fruits/nuts consumption?

Nuts are excellent to get your blood sugar low. Also, the advices of consumption are the same than for the pregnancy. See the point 10.

How to control my fat intake and my blood cholesterol?

The fat contained in nuts is mostly essential fatty acids, which can help decrease a general inflammation due to overweight or a high fat blood level like cholesterol. So they are your allies. They contain no cholesterol level but as they have fibers and prebiotics they can help you get your cholesterol level low. With a reasonable daily intake, don't worry about fat. It's scientifically proved the fat provided by animal meats or processed food is the worst for the health.

Which products are good for the memory, brain and intellectual performance?

All of the treenuts! Mostly walnuts and almonds. But the real secret to get a healthy mastermind is to consume nuts all along your life, the benefits don't come from one day to another, but by a steady consumption from childhood to adulthood, associated with some fatty fishes and vegetable oil like canola or nut oil, they assure you to preserve your brain's health and increase your performance for exams or hard work.

Is it possible to conciliate a slimming diet and nuts consumption?

Of course! You certainly heard nuts are rich in fat and in calories. It's true but it’s good news for you. In fact, the most important thing to lose weight is to avoid craving and frustrating periods. The goal is not to struggle against your body and fight with your hunger, but inversely you to give your body the exact amount of nutrients it needs, neither less nor more. And nuts can help you fulfill your hunger, healthily reach the satiety and then avoid daily excess intakes. Why? Because nuts contain good proteins, good fat, fibers and carbs with low glycemic index: the perfect nutritional combination. To sustainably lose weight, start by replacing sweet snacks or desserts by a handful of nuts.

What are the best nuts to gain muscle mass?

All nuts are rich in protein, in calories, and they also contain a lot of essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. That’s why they are sorely recommended for working out and bodybuilding. But because increasing your muscle mass is a long and precise task, here are the best of them, selected by our nutritionist specialized in sport nutrition: Pistachios, Cashew and Almond. 

What product can I eat if I am vegan?

None of our products are tested on animals nor contain no trace of animal. Only three products are not vegan: our Milk Chocolate 38% (milk), our Roasted Honey Almond (honey) and our Cappuccino Coco Chips (milk) contain some milk. Apart from that, all our products are vegan: nuts, seeds, dried fruits and mixes.

Are the products good for a high fibers diet?

We don't often think about it but nuts and dried fruits can be the base of a lot of meal. First, you can consume them throughout the day: breakfast, morning snack, afternoon snack, for lunch and for dinner. Then you can consume them in different ways: whole, in powder, in salty and sweet recipes, as drinks (superpowders or vegetable drink), as a dessert, or like a natural supplement (salads, with veggies...). Actually, you can grab a pinch of them at any time for any reason, it's a natural and healthy pleasure!