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Tropical Fruit Mix

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  • 55,000 ₫ In Stock

    In 80g of Dried Pineapple, there is 50% of vitamin C required in human body as well as rich sources of potassium, iron, calcium... especially a proteolytic enzyme bromelain which helps to prevent inflammatory muscle and muscle pain under strenuous physical activity.

    55,000 ₫
  • 55,000 ₫ In Stock

    Cranberries are good sources of vitamin C, vitamin E, dietary fiber and antioxidants; Help to reduce risk of urinary tract infections, and high blood pressure; also prevent some types of cancers, and improve immune system.

    55,000 ₫
  • 55,000 ₫ In Stock

    Dried apricot is an excellent source of calcium,potassium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, copper, vitamin A, C... used as medicine to restrict hemorrhagic phenomena and abnormal contractions during pregnancy period. With the combination of light sour and sweet tastes, it also comes along with healthy benefits, which becomes indispensable companion of women,...

    55,000 ₫
  • 75,000 ₫ Out of stock

    Dried Peach help prevent cancers, especially lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer. It is also a great help to detoxify toxins and debris from the stomach, kidneys, liver, intestines for body purification.

    75,000 ₫
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  • 132,000 ₫ In Stock

    With a moderate amount of dried blueberries helps to improve memory, cardiovascular system, to prevent urinary tract infections, to support digestive system, and to slow down the vision loss.

    132,000 ₫
  • 50,000 ₫ In Stock

    Prune is not only bringing benefits in cardiovascular system but also a rich source of dietary fiber, essential micronutrients like beta-carotene, potassium, iron (helps body to absorb vitamin C), vitamin A, C,B1, B2,B6. It is also is important natural source of boron which helps to strengthen bones and muscles health.

    50,000 ₫
  • 82,000 ₫ In Stock

    Having dates daily not only maintains healthy and flowy skin but also helps to reduce risk of high blood pressure, to support anti-inflammatory, to enhance cardiovascular system, digestive system, pregnant health, good for neurons and brain function.

    82,000 ₫
  • 70,000 ₫ In Stock

    Daily-use with moderate amount helps to boost immune system, to maintain healthy bones and teeth, to keep fetal healthy, to provide essential nutrients to whom in pregnancy and breast-feeding period.

    70,000 ₫
  • 35,000 ₫ In Stock

    With great amount of anthocyanin, they support to prevent allergy which is very useful for whom being sensitive or allergic to surround environment, chemicals, specific foods, etc.

    35,000 ₫
  • 75,000 ₫ In Stock

    Berries Mix includes cranberries, blueberries, two types of Thompson raisins (golden and black) from USA containing rich amount of nutrients which is good for health.

    75,000 ₫
  • 65,000 ₫ In Stock

    Strawberries have the ability to enhance the immune system and skin health. They are essential for the development of the babies' brain, spine, and cell function. Strawberries help regulate blood pressure, and even support lowering the blood pressure.

    65,000 ₫
  • 55,000 ₫ In Stock

    Dried Mango has its origin in famous Hoa Loc Province, Vietnam with excellent sources of vitamin A, vitamin E, iron, selenium... in which vitamin A helps in cells formation, improve eye-sight and boost immunity.

    55,000 ₫
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